God’s Real Profession

God’s Real Profession

A few jokes on the economy and economics that are sure to bring you a smile:

One day a man walked into the main library of a major research university. He stopped at the reference desk and asked the librarian if she had any current books about economics and the economy.

She answered that she did, and led the man to the reference shelves where the economics and economy books were.

To the surprise of both the librarian and the man all of the books were off the shelf being used.

“That’s OK,” the man said. “I’ll just go to another library. You see, I’m a very busy man, and I set this weekend aside for studying economics and the economy.”

The librarian said she understood and gave the man directions to the nearest research library. But her interest piqued, she asked: “Why are you so urgent to study economics and the economy?”

The man replied: “I’m an economist. I’ve been teaching at this university for the past ten years. I’m attending a business meeting on Monday, and I figure the economy has changed in the past ten years.”

An economic forecaster was known to have an horseshoe prominently displayed above the door frame of his office. Asked what it was for, he replied that it was a good luck charm that helped his forecasts.

“But do you believe in that superstition?” He was asked.

He said, “Of course not!”

“But then why do you keep it?

“Well,” he said, “it works whether you believe in it or not.”

An economist, a philosopher, a biologist and an architect were arguing about what was God’s real profession.

The philosopher said,

“Well, first and foremost, God is a philosopher because he created the principles by which man is to live.”

“Ridiculous!” said the biologist “Before that, God created man and woman and all living things so clearly he was a biologist.”

“Wrong,” said the architect. “Before that, he created the heavens and the earth. Before the earth, there was only complete confusion and chaos!”

“Well,” said the economist, “Where do you think the chaos came from?”

Two men are flying in a captive balloon. The wind is ugly and they come away from their course and they have no idea where they are. So they go down to 20 m above ground and ask a passing wanderer…

 “Could you tell us where we are?”

“You are in a balloon.”

So the one pilot to the other:

“The answer is perfectly right and absolutely useless. The man must be an economist”

“Then you must be businessmen”, answers the man.

“That’s right! How did you know?”

“You have such a good view from where you are and yet you don’t know where you are!”

An economist was standing at the shore of a large lake, surf-casting.

It was the middle of winter, and the lake was completely frozen over, but this didn’t seem to bother the economist, who stood there patiently casting his lure out across the ice, slowly reeling it in again, then repeating the process.

A mathematical economist came sailing by on an ice boat, and pulled to the shore beside the surf-fishing economist to scoff.

“You’ll never catch any fish that way,” said the mathematical economist. “Jump on my ice-boat and we’ll go trawling.”

A wealthy labor economist had an urge to have grandchildren.

He had two daughters and two sons and none of them had gratified his desire for a grandchild.

At the annual family gathering on Thanksgiving Day, he chided them gently to bless his old age with their progeny.

“But I haven’t given up hope,” he said, “Yesterday I went to the bank and set up a one hundred thousand dollar trust fund to be given to the first grandchild that I have. Now we will all bow our heads while I say a prayer of thanks.”

When he looked up, he and his wife were the only ones at the table.

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