Google Algorithm Update 2020 – How People Are Reacting!

Google Algorithm Update 2020 – How People Are Reacting!

Google Algorithm update 2020 – how people are reacting!

On December 3, 2020, there was a new Google Algorithm update. As usual, there was chaos and panic amongst webmasters. Here is how people are reacting to this new Google Algorithm update 2020:

Aykut: I was annoyed by this update.

Brian: It’s disturbing that the HHS website  shows a 56% decline in visibility. Not good timing.

Lily: Google tends to be pretty strict about not showing anti-vax content, so I doubt it’s anything like that.

Brian: Good point. I knee-jerk reacted when I saw the change.

Jake: SEO gets less competitive as a bunch of people give up. But if they instead kept optimizing their website, building quality links & publishing high-value content – the traffic graph is always going to trend up and to the right Chart with upwards trend

Marc: I understood that it takes up to two weeks to see the full effects of a core update. Are you planning to redo your analysis and compare it maybe with the current findings?

Cindy: Some big updates have happened at the same time as major changes in GSC (or whatever it is called now!) The updates in GSC are all about Search Appearance & RR’s. Algo changes are about EAT. Seems like a potential call-out, supporting the idea that RRs/S-Appearance & EAT are BFF.

Matej: 2 / 2 It is neither a Google Dance… Google lost it all with this one. So you will have to wait at least 2 more weeks, to see if you are a looser or a winner and than some additional weeks / months until Google fix everything. Anyway, totally disappointed that at such level, like Google is, they allow themselves such unprofessional and amateurish conduct on development of their algorithms. Shame on all of them working on this improvements and rolls outs.

So, how badly were you hit by the Google Algorithm update 2020?

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