Google Work From Home Strategy Continues

Google Work From Home Strategy Continues

Google work from home strategy continues.

Google will allow its employees to work from home, 2 days a week, from September 2021, under ‘flexible working hours.

The term telework was first legally defined in November 2016. Within the framework of the law, the employer provides teleworking employees with a permanent computer workstation in their private area and defines the duration of the facility and the weekly working hours at this location.

In order to carry out telework, contractual regulations must first be laid down, for example with regard to the required equipment, such as furniture and work equipment. The employer needs to provide these.

The US technology company Google, is extending their Google work from home model, which it implemented due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Digitization is no longer a foreign word – it is in full swing. Today communication takes place via e-mail or chat programs and no longer exclusively face-to-face. And let’s be completely honest: Who is still out and about without a smartphone or laptop today?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in an e-mail sent to his employees on Sunday, said that he will not return to the office until September 2021, after which the Google work from home model will continue partially.

Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to obtain the necessary information on-the-go and no longer have to rely on newspaper, books or other people. And today, in many areas, it is also possible to work from home and it is increasingly popular with employees. Every fourth company now offers its employees the option of working from home or teleworking – from home or on the go!

According to reports, Google employees will come to work 3 days a week after this date and the remaining 2 days will work from home. Last July, the technology giant announced that it had extended its Google work from home model, until June 2021.

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