Hailstorm Hits Marmara

Hailstorm Hits Marmara

Hailstorm hits Marmara.

According to breaking news, after the warning of Meteorology Department, the hailstorm was fully effective in Istanbul. A last-minute warning was issued from the Istanbul Governorship. Places turned white in a short time at some points in Kadıköy, due to precipitation. In the village of Sugören in Yalova, it started suddenly and caused a lot of material damage.

A warning was given to pay attention to possible sudden floods, local hail, strong winds and the risk of hurricane formation. Citizens also had a hard time due to the hail that was effective on the European side.

Prof. Dr. Stating said that the rainfall was effective around the Bosphorus and Anatolian side  and warned people:

“Put your vehicles in a safe place.”

The Meteorology Department, in the warning, made to the citizens, it was stated that the citizens should be careful and cautious against adversities such as sudden floods, lightning, hail and the risk of strong wind and tornado formation.

The windows of the cars parked on the streets, of the citizens caught unprepared for the hail, were broken. Surprised by what happened to the hail, which also damaged the hatches, the villagers threw themselves into the village café to avoid injury.

On the other hand, crops from the full apple orchards, were destroyed in Dereköy, in Çiftlikköy district. Producers, on the other hand, expressed their fear that the remaining products could also be damaged in possible rain.

The underpass flooded in Topkapı. Two cars and a shuttle van were flooded. The two cars were completely submerged. Those who were stuck in the area where the fire crews were dispatched, were rescued.

In Okmeyda, a bus and a car were stranded on the road while returning to the lake, after heavy rainfall. While the passengers on the bus were waiting to be rescued, firefighters started work to remove the vehicles.

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