Half Of Rio’s Restaurants Lay Off Employees

Half Of Rio’s Restaurants Lay Off Employees

Half of Rio’s restaurants lay off employees.

The Covid-19 pandemic generated financial impacts on restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. According to research by the National Association of Restaurants (ANR) and the Union of Bars and Restaurants in Rio, 24% of establishments had a 50% to 75% reduction in revenue.

In addition, 22% had a 26% to 50% turnover reduction since the pandemic arrived in the country in March 2020. As a result, 51% of restaurants had to lay off employees, according to the study.

Another finding of the survey was that 31% of entrepreneurs who had more than one restaurant, had to close at least one of their units in the period.

As home delivery orders (or elsewhere where the customer is) increased, 86% of merchants used this type of service. Among the channels used, the main ones were the iFood app (86%), WhatsApp (64%) and the phone (56%).

When there was a physical reopening of the establishments, after the relaxation of social isolation measures, 58% of the restaurants noticed a drop in the billing of this type of service (deliveries), while 15% noticed an increase in the billing of deliveries.

Given the vaccination of the population, businessmen believe that deliveries will represent 34% of the sector’s revenue in 2021.

The three main challenges most cited by entrepreneurs for 2021, were to evolve and expand sales channels, inside or outside restaurants (76%), adjust the offer with an attractive, competitive and profitable menu (60%) and expand relationship channels and customer loyalty (60%).

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