Hawaii Volcano Kilauea Erupts

Hawaii Volcano Kilauea Erupts

Hawaii Volcano Kilauea erupts.

Kilauea is the largest and most active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. The last time the volcanic eruption occurred in the spring of 2018. The volcano erupted in May, the eruption lasted all summer.

Now, the Hawaii Volcano Kilauea eruption began after 21:30 on December 21. It was followed by an earthquake of magnitude 4.4.

Before, Kilauea erupted in early May 2018. Then the eruption lasted for several months. Lava flows almost completely destroyed the town of Leilani Estates and all 10,000 residents were evacuated. In total, 24 people were affected by various manifestations of the volcano’s activity and the total level of economic damage was approximately $800 million.

The US Geological Survey on Monday, December 21, recorded the eruption of the Hawaii Volcano Kilauea. A red threat level has been declared on the islands.

Earlier, on December 19, an ash ejection from the Klyuchevskoy volcano 6.5 km high, was recorded in Kamchatka. Before that, on November 20, the volcano threw out a column of ash 5 km high.

During the activity of the Hawaii Volcano Kilauea, the small settlement of Leilani Estates, where about 10,000 people lived, was destroyed, as well as two coastal resorts. In addition, magma flows have destroyed roads and infrastructure.

At the end of November 2020, earthquakes in the area increased frequently. If usually less than 180 tremors per week are recorded, then in the last time more than 480 were noted, albeit of a small magnitude.

Local services are monitoring what is happening, primarily the emissions, because it is not yet known whether the ash contains a plume emanating from the volcano’s vent or just water vapor. While it is in favor of the latter, nevertheless, local residents have already been warned about the possibility of ash fallout of the Hawaii Volcano Kilauea.

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