How China Is Misusing Hong Kong To Bribe Iran

How China Is Misusing Hong Kong To Bribe Iran

How China Is Misusing Hong Kong To Bribe Iran!

It seems like the dirty games that China is playing with the world, is never going to stop – and in fact, it is increasing with every dawn!

Joab Hans Tweets:

“In this series of cases it is explained that CCP How does he use the facilities of Hong Kong and bribe the Iranian regime?”

Most people are unaware that Hong Kong is a regulated region which is separate from China.  

Earlier on, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the European Union, Japan and Australia, all exported sensitive technologies, more so the likes of electrical components and weapons – JUST to Hong Kong –

Not to China!

China took advantage of these facilities that are in Hong Kong and made illegal use of them. An excellent example of the illegal use made by China, of this, is by selling sensitive weapons technology to the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces)!

According to the FBI, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on August 28, 2019, against a company called Hamed Dehahan, which has been registered since the year 2017 and has been supplying the Revolutionary Guards, with weapons technology of the United States of America, to the tune of millions of dollars. 

Joab Hans Tweets:

“That is why our Iranian brothers and sisters have a common enemy and we must work together against our common enemy CCP They support the Beijing government in Hong Kong, a government that ignores problems. We must unite together with the evil government of China CCP Let’s fight.”

Maziyar ID Tweets:

“It’s good to be in unison with us for a start. Now inside Iran, disasters like 96 and Aban Yarmon had to come to learn that we must be armed”

Joab Hans Tweets:

“Therefore, Iranians brothers and sisters, we have a common enemy, that is the CCP and HK pro-beijing sides including HK government who ignore the problems. We should stand in solidarity with each others and fight against the evil CCP.”

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