How Innocent Was George Floyd?

How Innocent Was George Floyd?

How innocent was George Floyd?

Some hours back, US President Donald Trump said:

“Police officers are loved and respected by our country, despite the Fake News about them.”

This brought back memories of the recent George Floyd incident.

So, let’s take a look at what people have to say about what US President Donald Trump had to say about the fake news about cops and also about the so called “George Floyd murder” by a white cop:


“Despite the Fake News about them, a police officer slowly crushed the life out of George Floyd over almost 9 minutes while three other police officers stood around and watched. It’s on video. We’ve all seen it. It’s not Fake News.”


“Wrong.  Watch the bodycam footage.  George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl and Meth. He had 4 times the amount of Fentanyl in his system that would kill a regular person.  The cops were completely respectful to him until he lost control but the Minnesota AG hid the footage.”


“He was holding a distressed drug addict down so that he wouldn’t cause harm to himself. The person was so high on drugs, he was already dying before. Besides the second autopsy was created and paid for to push a movement. I’ve watched every vid, nothing to do with race or color. All because BLM and antifa possibly George Soros funded as well as many other Democrats. They’re trying to create a one world order and destroy America.”


“Floyd’s behavior & overdose of drugs plus his heart condition was the real reason. The knee on him looks real bad but the autopsy does not state that the knee was the cause of death. Jury must decide.”

Are US cops really loved and respected?


“No one hates the police, they disagree with their policies i regards to people of color! You’re ALWAYS TRYING TO DIVIDE!”

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