Iphone 12 Iphone 5 Design Similar?

Iphone 12 Iphone 5 Design Similar?

iPhone 12 iPhone 5 design similar?

The design of the iPhone 12 is said to be similar to the iPhone 5 / 5s, but in fact, the two products are 7 years apart.

Apple’s return to the square design makes many people who love the old iPhone 5s feel excited and also makes a difference compared to the iPhone series over the years. However, this border makes the feeling of hand holding and vulnerable to impact, compared to the rounded design. Users should buy more protective cases to overcome this.

Is iPhone 12 iPhone 5 design similar?

iPhone 12 has just launched. Among the lower end of the four new iPhone models, the iPhone 5s, released in 2013, was Apple’s top-end product for that year. The difference in the size and appearance of the two iPhone models partly represents a change in the trend of Smartphones in the past 7 years, such as larger screens, thinner bezels, removing fingerprint sensor and adding “rabbit ears”.

The back of the iPhone 5s is a mix of aluminum and plastic, while in the iPhone 12 it is a single glass. This improvement also shows the trend of Smartphones in recent years, while helping the iPhone 12 to be able to charge wirelessly.

The position of the volume keys and the quick mode switch remains the same, but the design is simpler and more convenient to operate. Round design is converted to flat. The place that used to be the sim tray of the iPhone 5s, is now used to place the power button on the iPhone 12.

But is iPhone 12 iPhone 5 design similar?

The design of the iPhone 5s is still appreciated after years of release, thanks to its square finish, giving it a slim, masculine and sturdy feel. After the iPhone 5s, Apple completely changed the design of the iPhone, with four curved edges. Seven years later, the square design returns on the iPhone 12 quartet.

Security features are also shown on the machine’s appearance. The iPhone 5s has a thick bottom bezel, Touch ID, while the iPhone 12 has a notch above that contains Face ID. However, the screen bezels of both machines are thick, compared to current Android Smartphones with full screen displays.

Unlike the power button on the top edge of the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 12’s power button has been moved to the side for convenience of operation, due to the large screen size. Apple does not reveal details of the bezel material for the iPhone 12, but it is likely that this type of aluminum is stiffer than the aluminum on the iPhone 5s. After the iPhone 6 Plus’ easy to bend incident, Apple used 7000 series aluminum, instead of the 6000 series.

After seven years, the camera on the iPhone has also had many changes in both equipment and appearance. iPhone 12 has a convex, square camera cluster, containing two lenses much larger than the previous iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 12 is about 0.2 mm thinner than the iPhone 5s, but the camera section is thicker. From the bottom edge, we can see that the design of the new iPhone 12 is more minimalist than its predecessor – the microphone and the speaker have less holes, the 3.5mm headphone port is also gone.

Although the design is similar, the finishing of the two products is different. The most obvious is the iPhone 5s with shiny diamond cuts at the edge, while this position on the iPhone 12 is softer.

The perfection of the iPhone 5s at that time made the phone look classy, ​​but easily scratched at the edges. In addition, the screen of the iPhone 5s is also leveled, standing out from the edge. While on the iPhone 12, users can almost not feel the connection between the bezel and the screen if only touching by hand.

But is iPhone 12 iPhone 5 design similar? You decide!

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