Is It Flu Or Covid19?

Is It Flu Or Covid19?

Is it flu or Covid19?

Stella Immanuel MD says:

“Flu season will soon be here. I’m sure they will call it covid and lock us down as much as possible. Get prevention now before it gets here. HCQ is available in all states. Don’t wait to get sick.”

So, is it flu or Covid19?

How are people reacting to what has been said by Stella Immanuel MD? Here’s how…

Erica: Wrong! It’s called the second wave lady!!! The UK is already going through its wave. Man! Get woke! Know actual science.

Stella Immanuel MD: UK should take lesson from west Africa. No waves. HCQ is OTC. Quit pushing fake science. You need to wake up.

Jim: Do you anything factual to share that supports your claim that they they take HCQ like candies ? The malaria parasite is resistant to the drug in Uganda. And they removed it from their COVID guidelines after they saw it wasn’t effective.

Smili: What is your opinion of Quercetin?

Stella Immanuel MD: Works good, OTC, have to be taken daily. HCQ is twice a month. If they can get HCQ use that or tonic water.

Cathy: How much tonic water would we take to prevent Covid?

Thyra: Several liters a day. Today’s tonic water only has 83mg of quinine per liter bc the FDA limits it, & only a couple of brands have any quinine. I don’t believe tonic water works.

Mai: Never have kids use masks for strep, which is not caused by a virus… the ignorance and panic rains in this country.

Angelique: How does the flu respond to hydroxychloroquine??? Any data?

Rebecca: Is the flu shot safe? I’m considering no longer taking it. I’m living with heart failure, it’s mild but I feel like I can’t trust vaccines anymore.

Reb: I won’t take it.  Or any other vaccines.  I don’t trust Big Pharma.

So, is it flu or Covid19?

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