Is It War With China?

Is It War With China?

Is It War With China?

There are a lot or things happening with China, against the world.

China would have been as good as ruined, because of the Trade War.

Strangely then, just as things were getting worse for China, as a result of sanctions imposed on them by America, by way of the Trade War, out of the blue, the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China and because of this, there are over 15 million people who have been infected and there are also around 620,000 people dead.

A few hours ago, America ordered China to shut down its consulate in Houston, stating that this was done:

“to protect American intellectual property and Americans’ private information”

China has vowed to retaliate.

ian bremmer Tweets:

“China considering closure of US consulate in Wuhan (initial epicenter of pandemic) in retaliation for eviction of their consulate in Houston. US has an embassy in Beijing and five consulates in mainland China: Chengdu Guangzhou Shanghai Shenyang Wuhan”

Right now, there are fires being seen at the Chinese consulate in Houston.

Kylie Atwood Tweets:

“Last night police responded to reports of smoke at the Chinese consulate in Houston. Local media shared video of what looked like officials inside the compound burning documents.”

Alex Salvi Tweets:

“Houston firefighters are responding to reports of people burning documents and papers at the Chinese consulate.”

J. Ford Tweets:

“@#!*bro, I hope not… last night China was lighting documents on fire at the embassy in Houston. Countries usually do that if they are hiding something. They’re also being evicted which can be seen as an act of war”

Þórr Þunraz Tweets:

“I just heard that the CCP (People’s Republic of China) embassy in  Houston has been ordered to be closed by the State Department. WWIII. So, there’s that…?”

Michael Tweets:

“What’s left to be scared of?” This is the part of the horror movie where the monster is “dead” and all logic says you are safe. We are not dealing with logic.”

So the BIG question, is it war with China?

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