Is Japan’s New Coronavirus Problem Getting Worse?

Is Japan’s New Coronavirus Problem Getting Worse?

Is Japan’s New Coronavirus problem getting worse?

Osaka announced on the 27th, that 357 new cases of New Coronavirus infection have been confirmed. The number of newly infected people per day has exceeded 300 for the second consecutive day. In addition, 23 new deaths were found, which was a record high per day.

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee on the 26th, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga was asked to reflect on the three weeks to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus.

The death toll in Osaka is increasing rapidly due to the New Coronavirus. The cumulative total up to the 12th is 690, approaching Tokyo (691), which has a population of about 1.6 times.

Even at the budget committee on that day, there were many scenes in which other ministers tried to answer, even though opposition lawmakers asked Prime Minister Suga to answer.

It is expected that the state of emergency will be reissued in the three Kansai prefectures such as Osaka. But why are there so many deaths in Osaka? Comprehensive analysis of various data and prefectures, reveals a composition that increases the “risk of life” of the elderly, due to multiple circumstances.

According to the data, 97.7% of the 390 people who died from October 10th last year, to January 5th this year, were in their 60s or older. The mortality rate of all infected people is 1.9%, but it jumps to 6.0% for those in their 60s and above.

The request to shorten the closing time of restaurants to 8:00 pm, has been accelerated from 10:00 pm, because the four prefectures in the metropolitan area were subject to a state of emergency on the 8th of this month.

Which bring us back to the question – is Japan’s New Coronavirus problem getting worse?

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