Is The Global Economy 2020 Going To Get Worse?

Is The Global Economy 2020 Going To Get Worse?

Is the global economy 2020 going to get worse?

What is happening with the global economy? Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the global economic outlook 2020 is bad all over the globe. But, the big question here is, is the global economy 2020 going to get far worse than it already is? Let us take a look at some things that are happening all across the globe.

Apple became the first company in America to hit a $2 trillion valuation. Even more amazing is the fact that the company, in the past 21 weeks, added $1 trillion in value. This done at a time when the global economy 2020 was shrinking faster than ever seen.


“I don’t think some people realize how important the 2020 elections are. If Trump loses, the American economy will collapse completely and the global economy will follow.”

Kuwait Finance Minister Barak Al-Sheetan said that Kuwait only had enough cash to pay state salaries till the month of October 2020.     


“Kuwait has one of the world’s largest sovereign funds. As the global economy is recovering and oil revenues are increasing, providing cash flow would be just a matter of time. So bad news for those rejoicing on the pain of others !!”

Oil dependent Nigeria, which should have been hit worse than any country in Africa, because of the plunge in oil prices, has out done most developed market economies.

In April-June, the economy of Japan shrank at a yearly rate of 27.8%, this was seen as the worst contraction ever recorded in the economy of Japan.


“This whole thing is a deliberate crashing of the global economy. The government and media would have us believe that there was never any impending financial crisis and that the greatest wealth transfer in history is only taking place right now because of a virus.”

Is the global economy 2020 going to get worse?        


“Hundreds of thousands are dead, global economy is ruined, society is in shock.”

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