Is The Global Economy Really In The Doldrums?

Is The Global Economy Really In The Doldrums?

Is the global economy really in the doldrums?

The Coronavirus catastrophe is literally ravaging the world. There are now around 13,100,000 cases and there are almost 573,000 deaths globally, because of COVID-19, which began in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019.

The result is that now, the global economy appears to be in a crisis and things are not at all looking bright. In fact, things are very bad – and it appears that they may remain so, for many years to come.

So, in this bad scenario, how come banks are making profits and markets are booming?

Safdar Alam Tweets:

“Our global economy going down the pan. Yet the markets are booming. And banks are making record profits. Have you ever wondered if global money is a game, and that we are on the losing team?”

Hannah Levitt Tweets:

“wow: JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank, just reported its highest quarterly revenue EVER, according to CEO Jamie Dimon’s comment in the press release”

Is the global economy really in the doldrums? What do you think?

Barbara Malmet Tweets:

“Corey Gardner says “I think come November we will continue to build our strong economy message,” well let’s see, the tax scam bill only benefits the rich, the steel and aluminum tariffs could plunge the global economy into a recession”

A sign that the global economy is actually doing good, is the price of copper.

$AMCI Tweets:

“Bank of America ups copper forecast as red metal rises for a second straight month.”

Is there some big conspiracy being run, regarding the global economy?

This is very interesting Tweet from Spiro says a lot on this subject:

“Remember that time the Central Banskters, the UN & the .001% Crashed the global economy to usher in their new digital financial system of control & global governance? Then Blamed it all on Bat Soup? And Got Away With It!? Oh Wait… Its Happening Now..”

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