Japan Meteorological Agency To Resume Posting Advertisements

Japan Meteorological Agency To Resume Posting Advertisements

Japan Meteorological Agency to resume posting advertisements!

According to a survey by the Japan Meteorological Agency, about 43 inappropriate advertisements were displayed as of September. Some of them were likely to violate the Specified Commercial Transactions Law.

Even at that time, Japan Meteorological Agency set criteria such as “Do not post anything that could be a hype!”

The Agency announced on December 16 that it will resume posting web advertisements on its official website. Advertising started once on September 15th, but stopped shortly after about 20 hours, due to inappropriate content. In the future, the examination system will be strengthened to prevent recurrence.

Since there was a gap in the judgment as to whether or not it violated the standard, the policy will be changed to post only the advertisements inspected by the Agency, after the advertiser and the advertisement contents are examined in advance on the business side. The policy should be documented and the publication criteria should be clarified.

In addition to the top page, Web advertisements will be displayed on each page that contains information on weather, earthquakes / tsunamis, volcanoes, oceans and disaster prevention information. The period is until mid-February 2021, when the website is renewed. With the placement of advertisements, we will recruit businesses to outsource advertisement operations until July 27.

The agency was concerned about the display of inappropriate advertisements, but the business operator said that it would be difficult to block all such advertisements in advance, and had a policy to deal with them promptly after the display. Japan Meteorological Agency explained that there was insufficient communication with the advertisement distributor.

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