Joe Biden To Legalize Marijuana?

Joe Biden To Legalize Marijuana?

Joe Biden to legalize marijuana?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden believes widespread legalization of marijuana is possible if elected. He stated this on October 15, at an election event in Philadelphia.

So, Joe Biden to legalize marijuana?

The democrat stressed that he does not consider it correct to give prison terms to those who use drugs. In his opinion, such people should be sent to rehabilitation.

Biden also advocated an increase in the number of medical institutions that will specialize in the fight against drug addiction.

On Thursday, a second round of pre-election televised debates between Biden and US President Donald Trump was supposed to take place, but it was canceled due to the fact that the latter refused to take part in them.

The American leader was outraged that the organizers decided to hold the event in a virtual format due to the fact that he had recently had a Coronavirus infection.

As a result, on October 15, separate meetings of candidates with voters took place: Biden spoke in Philadelphia, Trump – in Miami.

At the same time, on the same day, at a pre-election event, Trump avoided answering the question whether he was tested for Coronavirus on the day of the first debate with Biden.

The final debate is expected to take place face-to-face on October 22nd. The American presidential election is slated for November 3.

And this brings us to the question – Joe Biden to legalize marijuana?

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