Last Pre-Election Debate In America

Last Pre-Election Debate In America

Last pre-election debate in America.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden held their last pre-election debate in the United States.

Loud promises, recriminations and passions were at their peak. The last debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place in the United States before the elections. Attention was riveted even to the smallest detail.

After all, the last face-to-face meeting of the candidates looked more like a courtyard skirmish. What now? What did they say about Russia, the pandemic and the finds in the very laptop of Biden’s son?

The University of Belmont feared student protests so much that students were even relocated from their dorms out of town. Trump was greeted by a small number of fans. The President arrived five hours before the debate begins.

Biden, against the backdrop of corruption and sexual scandals around his son, canceled public events. According to the official version, he was preparing for a duel, which, like a football final, is customary in America to watch in sports bars.

In fact, it turned out to be a draw: Trump was not rude, Biden avoided ridiculous reservations. The debate, where the audience was waiting for an open fight, boiled down to a tactical exchange of jabs.

Trump left the stage first, without saying goodbye to his opponent. The warmed up crowd at the bar finally switched to football.

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