Looking For The Best Technological Inventions Of 2020?

Looking For The Best Technological Inventions Of 2020?

Looking for the best technological inventions of 2020? Here are some of the very best new gadgets 2020

  • Highly Customized Meds: You have an illness that calls for you using a very specific med. Can you get such a med now? Of course not! But in the not so far future, this appears to be a reality. So, if you have a genetic mutation or a rare disease or some other illness, in the future, you would be able to get a medicine that has been customized just to treat your illness. As such, it may even be possible to get cures for sicknesses which could not even be treated before. This has surely got to be one of the very best technological inventions of 2020.
  • Levitating Light Bulb: This light bulb is powered by air and it hovers by magnetic levitation. These light bulbs are designed to be extremely energy efficient and they can be used for 12 hours a day, for as many as 11 years.
  • Anti Aging Meds: One of the best future inventions 2020 lined up, are anti-aging drugs. Anti aging drugs are not just good for making you look young. There are other benefits to using anti aging drugs. If you could slow down the process of getting old, you would be able to fight various illnesses like heart problems, cancer, etc. Testing has already been done of such drugs on humans and the results have been fabulous.
  • Sanitizing Wand: This neat device can be used to get rid of germs and bacteria that cause odor. The device uses advanced UV-C technology. The devise has been made lightweight, so that it can be carried everywhere.
  • Internet That Can’t Be Hacked: As you may be well aware, when you surf the net, you are prone to getting your PC hacked. This is very dangerous, as this could result in a lot of damage being caused to you. But, people are now working on the creation of an internet, which cannot be hacked. This is definitely fantastic news for all internet users, who would thus be able to browse the World Wide Web without any fear of being hacked. This is what is future computer technology 2020.

By far these are the very best technological inventions of 2020.

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