Mekong Delta Region Salt Can Occur Early And Last Long

Mekong Delta Region Salt Can Occur Early And Last Long

Mekong Delta Region salt can occur early and last long!

Southern Institute of Irrigation Science recommends that the upper Mekong Delta Region, proactively produce early winter-spring crop, in order to reduce water use. While at the same time, strengthening water supply solutions for highland areas of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien, to prevent drought in these areas.

In 2020, China’s upstream area has a total rainfall deficit of 10-20% compared to the average of many years ago. Chinese hydropower reservoirs store and discharge water in moderation. The amount of water discharge in the dry season 2020-2021, is forecasted to be around 1,000m³ / s. The area’s downstream rains have decreased, flow is forecast to decrease, salinity tends to increase gradually in the first months of the dry season. In addition, abnormal fluctuations can occur at any time according to hydropower operation and extreme weather, high tide and wind.

In the coastal areas of the Mekong Delta Region, fresh water sources are at high risk of shortages in the middle of the dry season, saline intrusion is forecast. At the estuaries of the Mekong River, it is high in January and February, maintains high in March and decreases gradually in June. The locality needs to take initiative in pumping solutions for storing water and supplying domestic water.

The area between the Mekong Delta Region, proactively reduce the area of ​​winter-spring crop in affected areas by 2020 and strengthen solutions to protect water sources, store water and pump as needed. When sweetening or watering plants, it is necessary to closely check the salinity, especially for fruit trees.

According to the forecast of water resources in the Mekong Delta Region, in the dry season 2020-2021, the water is low at the beginning of the season. As such abnormal salinity can occur in the Mekong Delta Region, as early as January and lasting until May 2021.

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