Microsoft Source Code Hack To What Extent?

Microsoft Source Code Hack To What Extent?

Microsoft source code hack to what extent?

For 2021, the Internet will have to work harder to tighten the screws on cybersecurity. A new update about the massive SolarWinds cyberattack has been released by Microsoft.

On Thursday, as the world prepared to say goodbye to “the worst year in history”, Microsoft issued a press release in which it reviewed the cyberattack on the SolarWinds IT management platform.

After hitting some of the biggest government agencies and companies on the planet, the hackers behind the SolarWinds malware have reportedly gained access to the source code of Microsoft’s software.

Giving rise to the big question – Is Microsoft source code hacked?

It has not put forward the idea that the malicious people could have modified anything of the latter, but the user profiles they would have gone through would have given them access to the heart of the computer giant’s software.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has encountered a problem with its source code, when many of its operating systems have experienced such mishaps.

Microsoft’s attitude has not reassured experts, who some believe the SolarWinds attack and access to Microsoft’s software source code could lead to more problems in the future. The announcement comes two weeks after the first revelations about the attack, but the company did not specify which source code was impacted, in other words which software was affected.

With the rise of teleworking and the digital shift, never has it been so important to protect yourself on the internet, choose an antivirus for your computer or pay attention to newsletters and order forms where you have to enter your contact information.

Last December, another large-scale cyberattack hit the French startup – Ledger, from which the confidential information of hundreds of thousands of customers has leaked freely to the internet.

Which brings us back to the big question – Microsoft source code hack to what extent?

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