Milan Court Fines Facebook $4.7 Million

Milan Court Fines Facebook $4.7 Million

Milan court fines Facebook $4.7 million.

The court in the city of Milan (Italy), recently ruled that Facebook had copied an application and was fined $4.7 million.

The first response after the decision of the Court of Appeal in Milan, was that the representative of Facebook only released information that they had received the judgment and it needed to be carefully considered.

This penalty is roughly equivalent to the amount Facebook had to spend in 2019, for the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to close the investigation of the technology giant selling user data to Cambridge Analytica. This is one of the darkest stains in the history of Facebook.

Business Competence’s subsequent 2019 lawsuit was won, when a court declared the social network infringing. At that time, the fine that the court gave the social network, stopped at $430,000. However, after being appealed again, the fine for Facebook increased to 4.7 million.

The decision was made yesterday (January 5), by an appellate court in the city of Milan, over the allegation of Business Competence, that the social network had copied their work, the nearby feature on the Faround app, developed by the company. Faround application helps users to locate locations, bars and restaurants around the user’s location on the phone.

And so, the Milan court fined Facebook $4.7 million.

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