NASA Announces Asteroid Approaching Earth

NASA Announces Asteroid Approaching Earth

NASA announces asteroid approaching Earth!

On the eve of the US presidential election, which is scheduled for November 3, asteroid 2018 VP1 is approaching Earth. This is reported by Space Reference with reference to data from the American space agency NASA.

The space body will fly past the Earth on November 2, at a distance of about a little over 419 thousand km. The 2018 VP1 is no larger than a school bus.

The asteroid is not defined as “potentially dangerous”, since computer simulations of its trajectory did not show the inevitability of a future collision with our planet.

The asteroid was last seen officially on November 16, 2018.

In early June, NASA announced the approach to Earth at the minimum distance of a potentially dangerous asteroid. It was assigned the number 163348 (2002 NN4), the size of the asteroid was estimated at 250-570 m. It had to pass from the Earth 13 times farther than the orbit of the Moon.

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