NBA To Convert Arenas Into Polling Stations

NBA To Convert Arenas Into Polling Stations

NBA to convert arenas into polling stations.

In a shocking announcement, NBA reported that they would be converting their arenas into huge polling stations.

Many people are shocked to hear this and here’s how they are reacting:


I’m a senior who is technology literate — but for me it’s very risky due to Covid. Can we get something started to recruit younger people to cover and be Poll workers?


That’s awesome now let’s see some of those billionaires spend to replace those sorting machines taken away from usps…I’m ready to do my part to for change, now is the time to push back at the system that’s failed us for so long!!


This will put a HUGE dent in Trump’s voter suppression plans.


I think that’s great!  But it’s all about the voting machines, isn’t it?  If they can fill the arenas with machines, great! But they’ll still try to suppress the votes so I’m thinking they’ll skimp on the machines no matter how big the polling place is.


They’re going to need poll workers who understand technology to make it work. Take election day off and sign up!


What a great idea! Hopefully, they will have buses to pick people up and bring them.


Apple and other major companies will have paid time off for people to go and vote! Donald Trump can now say the World and US Businesses are conspiring to have people vote with the intent that we have more people vote. The more people that vote, the less likely Trump wins.


The DC government already had this in the works, and voting at Capital One Arena will be in the concourse area, not on the floor… but still, it’s great. Not that DC is the battleground of battlegrounds, in basketball or voting, but Capital One Arena sits on top of three intersecting metro lines.


That’s great! I cast my first vote in a basketball arena.

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