New Coronavirus Vaccine Current Status

New Coronavirus Vaccine Current Status

New Coronavirus vaccine current status…

Millions of people all over the globe are being infected due to the Coronavirus pandemic and thousands of people are dying every day. The only escape from this seems to be in the form of a New Coronavirus vaccine.

But where is this vaccine? Are we even going to get a vaccine for this killer COVID-19?

The latest news on AstraZeneca, the University of Oxford’s experimental Novel Coronavirus vaccine, is that it is now in the last stages of the clinical trial process. And it thus becomes the first COVID-19 vaccine to reach this stage. Also, in South Africa, clinical trials of the Coronavirus disease vaccine have already been started.

In the next stage, the New Coronavirus vaccine will be given in the United Kingdom, to over 10,000 kids and adults.

Professor Andrew Pollard, Oxford Vaccine Group Head said:

“The clinical studies are progressing very well and we are now initiating studies to evaluate how well the vaccine induces immune responses in older adults, and to test whether it can provide protection in the wider population.”

If the trials of this Coronavirus disease vaccine are a success, the Oxford Vaccine Group could possibly by the end of this year, launch the New Coronavirus vaccine and this will be the quickest Novel Coronavirus vaccine to come about, ever since the outbreak of the killer Coronavirus in December 2019, in Wuhan, China.

Generic versions of Favipiravir and Remdesivir have been launched by pharmaceutical companies for treating the killer Coronavirus, these help in bringing down the viral load. But the cure for the killer virus, still remains elusive.

The three big questions going around with regards to the vaccine are, who will be the first to develop the New Coronavirus vaccine, when and will the common man be able to afford it?

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