New Lithium-Sulfur Battery For Smartphones

New Lithium-Sulfur Battery For Smartphones

New Lithium-Sulfur battery For Smartphones!

Every year modern technologies are becoming more and more in demand in all respects and this is expressed in absolutely everything. It is due to technical progress that Smartphones are becoming more powerful and advanced every year, getting new functions and capabilities and sometimes, those that no one even thought about not so long ago.

Scientists from Monash University have done what was considered impossible until recently. They have developed a full-fledged new Lithium-Sulfur battery that is the most efficient in the world and also boasts a low manufacturing cost, making it ideal for use in Smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smartwatches, sports bracelets and other gadgets.

According to scientists, they have already released a limited batch of such a new Lithium-Sulfur battery for Smartphones to begin full testing in everyday life. If this goes well and there are no problems, including overheating and safety, they will allow manufacturers around the world to start using lithium-sulfur batteries in their products, which will give their gadgets one huge advantage – very high autonomy by modern standards.

The fact is that one full charge of the new Lithium-Sulfur battery is enough for a full five days of autonomous work, while a regular lithium-ion battery will provide only one day, having exactly the same dimensions and exactly the same weight.

In the future, such batteries can begin to be used in electric cars, thanks to which they will be able to travel 1200 kilometers or more on one charge, and all this time they will not have to be additionally recharged.

According to scientists, they decided to take the lithium-ion battery familiar to everyone as a basis, after which they finalized its design using the latest technologies, adding sulfur cathinones to such. This was done in such a way that they were able to fully withstand high loads without losing their capacity.

The new development of new Lithium-Sulfur battery will begin to be used in its systems for autonomous electrification of homes as early as 2020.

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