New Whatsapp Changes Expected To Be Brutal

New Whatsapp Changes Expected To Be Brutal

New WhatsApp changes expected to be brutal!

WhatsApp is preparing a brutal change. Those who do not consent will be thrown out.

New WhatsApp changes are expected – which must be accepted by users, otherwise they will no longer be able to use Messenger.

For example, a few days ago WhatsApp made more background images available for chats, which can now be used in different ways from chat to chat

The messenger service , which has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, had previously announced new functions and changes, either via its own blog, social networks or via YouTube videos.

That is now the end – or rather WhatsApp is expanding its mouthpiece. According to data, users of the app, will in future be informed about innovations directly in the application – at least that’s the plan!

The update is that there will be a separate area in the Messenger app that should show that WhatsApp offers a new function.

In the last few weeks we have already seen some innovations in the popular messenger app – technology experts consider them to be really useful and long overdue, as they improve the app’s services enormously – especially in comparison to the often somewhat more progressive competition.

Only recently was the option of running messages introduced, as well as a practical function that can provide the user with more storage space. Now WhatsApp is apparently planning a new coup – the messenger service wants to be in direct contact with its users and send them messages.

But the plan has one catch – and it could become a stumbling block for the new communication concept. In order for the practical function to be implemented, the user must agree to the new terms of use.

The change will come into effect on February 8, 2021 – and anyone who has not agreed to the new WhatsApp changes, can no longer use WhatsApp!

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