Nigerians Told That Toilet Windows Should Be Smaller?

Nigerians Told That Toilet Windows Should Be Smaller?

Nigerians told that toilet windows should be smaller?

Just who is it that told Nigerians this and what are people saying about it? Here’s what people have to say…


I have done architecture in school for two years. The reason behind small windows in toilet and bathrooms is for the sake of privacy. You don’t want someone looking at you through a bigger window while you’re bathing.


And they are usually translucent all for the sake of allowing enough natural light and privacy…


Yes, Natural Light, Ventilation and Privacy are keys to the design of these spaces. [ .9m × .9m]


I wonder who told Nigerians too that water rushing in de kitchen is more cleaner than d 1 rushing in de bathroom.


Actually the water is the same … but the germs flying around in the bathroom is wayyy more


If the toilet is located on 20th floor, longer window might be used, as long as people cant see through it to the interior of the room.


I am an architect, and it’s sad you know so little about buildings and the world at large.


Every window is designed to fit in the size of the space, toilets space aren’t big. In the case of big ones, the windows are big.


Not really. You don’t want a big window where you’re butt naked, do you? Imagine a lower window like the one in a living room in a toilet. “Ademola Na you dey shit so?”


The toilet is a private area, the function of a Windows is to both allow ventilation and sunlight so the only way to maintain privacy while allowing sunlight is to raise the toilet window above eye level , it’s not a Nigerian thing it’s an architectural standard.

Does that answer who told Nigerians told that toilet windows should be smaller?

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