Nikkei Rises 0.3% Thanks To Improved Business Confidence

Nikkei Rises 0.3% Thanks To Improved Business Confidence

Nikkei rises 0.3% thanks to improved business confidence.

In the first section, 1,333 companies advanced compared to 755 that fell, while 92 closed unchanged.

The trading volume amounted to 2.33 trillion yen (18.47 billion Euros or 22.43 billion dollars) and the result was the Nikkei rises 0.3%!

The Nikkei, which groups the 225 most representative titles in the market, advanced 79.92 points, to 26,732.44 integers.

Despite the fact that Japan’s main manufacturing companies remain pessimistic, the index was 10 negative points in December, better than the 27 negative points recorded in September and a further improvement is forecast in the next quarter, shedding some hope on the economy in the context of the pandemic.

The main index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nikkei rises 0.3% this Monday, thanks to the improvement in confidence about the progress of the Japanese economy, among the largest manufacturers in the country, that managed to give investors a boost.

The Tokyo stock market opened slightly higher and extended gains, especially in the first half hour of trading, while investors assimilated the data from the quarterly report on the economic situation of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), known as Tankan, which showed a second improvement in a row of business confidence.

The Topix, which includes the firms in the first section, those with the highest capitalization, climbed 0.48% or 8.51 points, to stand at 1,790.52 units.

Thanks to improved business confidence, the Nikkei rises 0.3%!

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