North Atlantic Alliance Support Of Nuclear Programs

North Atlantic Alliance Support Of Nuclear Programs

North Atlantic Alliance support of nuclear programs!

Why Washington announced NATO’s support for the American approach to the Russian “nuclear program”.

The countries of the North Atlantic Alliance support the position of the United States on the “nuclear programs” of Russia and China. This was stated by the US President’s Special Representative for Arms Control, Marshall Billingsley.

At the same time, the US mission to NATO said that Washington had informed the allies about negotiations with Moscow, on the extension of START III. According to experts, the White House thus engages the entire alliance in the discussion of the treaty, so that if the Americans withdraw from the agreement, to avoid accusations of solely destroying the global security system.

The US President’s special envoy for arms control, Marshall Billingsley, announced NATO countries’ support for the US position on the Russian and Chinese “nuclear programs”.

Recall that in mid-October, the United States announced its readiness to prolong the treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms with Russia, which was subject to a provisional freeze of the volume of nuclear arsenal of both the countries.

On October 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council, proposed extending START III for 12 months “without any conditions.”

Commenting on the proposal of the Russian Foreign Ministry, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington welcomes Moscow’s agreement to “freeze” all its nuclear arsenals. “

A similar point of view is shared by Nikita Danyuk, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the RUDN University, who also believes that NATO’s support in the event that START III is not extended by the American side, “will serve as a kind of shield” for the United States.

Danyuk also stressed that in this context, it is beneficial for the United States “to present its position as the position of all countries of the alliance.

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