Novel Coronavirus Drug Trial Results Expected In 2 Weeks

Novel Coronavirus Drug Trial Results Expected In 2 Weeks

Novel Coronavirus drug trial results expected in 2 weeks.

The World Health Organization (WHO), expects to see the first ever results, within just a couple of weeks, from the COVID-19 drug trials.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General said:

“Nearly 5,500 patients in 39 countries have so far been recruited into the Solidarity trial. We expect interim results within the next two weeks.”

But there is also a lot of worry that the countries who are richer, would start to monopolize the global supply chains of the New Coronavirus vaccine, if and when it does materialize.

Duke University’s Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, Director, Gavin Yamey, says:

“There’s a lot of awareness of the potential injustice and inequity ahead. There’s been less awareness of the critical notion that you actually need to allocate the vaccine in a way that makes public-health sense.”

There are so far around 18 Coronavirus disease vaccines, that are now in various testing stages, globally. These tests are being conducted by America, UK, China and also a few other countries.

Very recently, the use of Hydroxychloroquine, along with a combination of HIV drugs, which was being used for treating Novel Coronavirus, was stopped by WHO, stating that these did not bring down the death rate.

WHO said:

“These interim trial results show that hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir produce little or no reduction in the mortality of hospitalised COVID-19 patients when compared to the standard of care. Solidarity trial investigators will interrupt the trials with immediate effect.”

So far, there are almost 12 million cases and nearly 5.5 million deaths worldwide, because of Novel Coronavirus.

Washington University, St. Louis, Associate Vice Chancellor and vaccine specialist, Michael Kinch, stated: 

“It has the potential to get very ugly. There’s going to be a lag between when we have a vaccine and when we have the ability to protect 7 billion people.”

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