ÖVP Wins In Kottingbrunn

ÖVP Wins In Kottingbrunn

In Kottingbrunn, the ÖVP strengthened their absolute majority with an additional mandate in the repeat of the local elections on Sunday after its landslide victory in January. It increased from 60.23 to 62.48 percent and from 21 to 22 of the 33 mandates. The voter turnout of 59.63 percent was roughly the same as on January 26th (61.33 percent).

The second winner of the evening is the “Neues Kottingbrunn” citizens’ list. She went through two instances with her contestation of the election and now managed to get into the local council with one mandate.

The polling had to be repeated because the Constitutional Court (VfGH) had granted a challenge in its June session. The election proposal submitted by the NK list had been postponed by the municipal electoral authority due to a lack of information on the candidates. According to the highest court, however, the improvement order was not delivered to the list keeper in a legally effective manner.

Six political groups are still represented in the local parliament. The SPÖ lost another mandate compared to January. The FPÖ lost its mandate and is no longer represented in the municipal council.

The citizens’ list “PRO Kottingbrunn” and the Greens kept their January result with two mandates each, and both had hoped for gains in the renewed election campaign. The “1. Citizen List for Kottingbrunn” was able to keep its mandate.

The ÖVP achieved 62.48 percent (26 January 60.23), the SPÖ 14.27 percent (18.50) and five (six) seats, the Greens 7.88 (8.29) and the Pro Kottingbrunn Citizens’ List 6.89 ( 6.65) percent and two mandates each, NK 3.21 percent (na) and First Citizen List for Kottingbrunn 3.07 (3.02) percent and one mandate each. The FPÖ missed the re-entry with 2.19 (3.31) percent.

After the re-election in Kottingbrunn, Hochwolkersdorf and Schwarzau am Steinfeld, the ÖVP in Lower Austria now has 449 mayors, one more than before. According to a broadcast, the number of mandataries in the 573 municipal councils has risen to 7,055 (plus ten).

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