Pioneering The Future Of Smart Working

Pioneering The Future Of Smart Working

Pioneering the future of Smart Working!

Only three months ago, the largest property insurer in Switzerland, Axa, announced that the expenses for working in the home office, would be remunerated with an annual flat rate of 200 francs – regardless of whether employees used the home office or not.

The initiative is aimed at the time after Corona, but the most important Axa companies are to introduce Smart Working this year. The model is to be implemented throughout the Group by 2023. The guide says that two remote days are appropriate. But Axa wants to leave more precise determination to the individual subsidiaries.

The parent company is going one step further and is implementing Smart Working worldwide, Axa announced on Tuesday.

According to the announcement, 38% of employees were already working from home before Corona. 90% of all employees would like to work more outside the Axa offices in the future.

While the Swiss employees are currently forced to work from home, the insurance company Axa is planning the future for the post-corona era. The home office will then become normal.

Axa Switzerland called the model Smart Working – it essentially contained the recommendation to employees to work remotely for two to three days and only use the office for the remaining days.

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