President Donald Trump Of USA Resumed His Campaign After Illness

President Donald Trump Of USA Resumed His Campaign After Illness

President Donald Trump of USA resumed his campaign after illness, but canceled the second round of debates.

U.S. President Trump will resume his campaign activities that were put on hold due to the Coronavirus infection on Saturday, but the debate with former Vice President Biden was scheduled to be cancelled next week.

Administration officials said President Donald Trump of USA will deliver a speech to supporters on the theme of “law and order”, on the balcony of the White House, on Saturday. An insider familiar with event planning said that there may be hundreds of people attending the event and all of them should wear masks.

On the following Monday, President Donald Trump of USA will travel to central Florida, a state that is crucial to his winning the November 3 election and reelection.

His first campaign rally after contracting the New Coronavirus, will be held at an airport in Sanford Township. The campaign team did not disclose whether the rally will be held in the open hangar as always or will be held entirely in the open air.

At the same time, the agency that oversees the presidential debate said that the second round of the showdown between President Donald Trump of USA and the Democratic candidate Biden, which was originally scheduled for October 15, had been officially cancelled.

After Trump fell ill, the Presidential Debate Committee transferred the second debate to the virtual venue and Trump refused to attend. This was originally the second of the three debates.

However, the closing debate on October 22 will continue.

Whether Trump will spread COVID 19 to others after being infected, remains a big question.

Trump said in an appearance on TV on Friday night that he had done another virus test, but did not disclose the results. He also said that he has stopped taking the medication.

The illness prevented him from holding public meetings and participating in fund-raising activities at a critical juncture in the campaign. Now only a few weeks before the election, President Donald Trump of USA is behind Biden in the polls.

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