“President’s Recklessness”: American Media On Trump’s COVID-19 Infection

“President’s Recklessness”: American Media On Trump’s COVID-19 Infection

How the American media reacted to Trump’s COVID-19 infection:

The New York Times:

Trump’s announcement that he had contracted the coronavirus instantly changed the course of the presidential race and raised serious questions about his irresponsible attitude towards the pandemic and the future of his campaign just 32 days before the election. Trump has already lagged behind Joseph Biden Jr. in polls, in part because of his irresponsible stance on the pandemic. He exacerbated his precarious position by ignoring and sometimes devaluing precautions, such as the use of masks that his health advisers encouraged to wear for protection.

USA Today:

All this [Trump’s illness] has called into question many of the central arguments of his election campaign: that the country is ready to get out of the pandemic, that the states were shutting down [for quarantine] only for political reasons – in an attempt to put Trump in a bad light – and that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden was too careful, “hiding” in his basement. The president often mocked Biden and others for wearing masks. He himself rarely wore it and sometimes asked journalists to take off their masks in order to better hear their questions.

Los Angeles Times:

In a sense, this outcome was inevitable. From the very beginning, Trump downplayed the danger of the coronavirus, declaring that it was nothing more than the flu, even when he knew perfectly well that it was a serious threat. The recklessness of the president endangered not only his life and the health of his family, but also the stability of the country. This is another crisis for the United States, only this time entirely created by Trump himself.

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