Rare Celestial Spectacle Now Visible

Rare Celestial Spectacle Now Visible

Rare celestial spectacle now visible!

An impressive and rare celestial spectacle can be observed these days: The two planets Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer and closer to each other, so that it looks as if they are merging into one object.

This constellation could also have been responsible for the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem at the time of Christ’s birth. It would be obvious that the planetary constellation was responsible for the appearance more than 2,000 years ago.

The rare celestial spectacle event known as the Great Conjunction, can even be seen with the naked eye. The convergence of the two gas planets has its climax this year on December 21. Strictly speaking, however, they only seem to come closer.

The approach of Jupiter and Saturn enables detailed observation of the two gas giants. The celestial bodies have at least 50 moons, some of which can also be seen in the telescope. The nebula makes observing the two planets a little difficult.

If you want to watch the rare celestial spectacle, you have to go over the fog. Those interested should definitely use the time, because the next time there will be this planetary constellation, is after 60 years.

How can a layperson watch this rare celestial spectacle? With the naked eye you can see these days how the two strong points “merge” to the south to form one object. With binoculars magnified ten times, you can tell the two planets apart. The ring of Saturn can already be seen through a small telescope with 30x magnification.

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