Rarest Cross River Gorillas Seen In Nigerian Forest

Rarest Cross River Gorillas Seen In Nigerian Forest

Rarest Cross River gorillas seen in Nigerian forest!

Cross River gorillas, the rarest of all the great apes in the world, were seen in the Cross River state, with their babies, in the thick Mbe Mountains. The Wildlife Conservation Society had set up a camera there and these rarest of guerillas, were spotted in this way.

A village near the Mbe Mountains is Kanyang. The Head Chief of the village, Gabriel Ocha, stated:

“I am very happy to see these wonderful pictures of the Cross River gorillas with many babies in our forest.”

Images of these very rare gorillas, have also been captured by the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary of Cameroon, in the year 2012.

The Cross River gorillas are a species that are critically endangered. So much so that there was a point in time, when there were only 300 of these, thought to be in existence and that too, only in the mountainous region of Cameroon and Nigeria.

These very rare gorillas, have been hunted since many decades now. The gorillas prefer to avoid coming in contact with human beings.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) states:

“They are naturally wary of humans and have subtle distinctions from other species – such as smaller heads, longer arms and lighter-coloured hair.”

Inaoyom Imong, Director of Cross River Landscape for Wildlife Conservation Society Nigeria, stated that this recent sighting of these extremely rare gorillas, with their babies, was proof that these gorillas were:

“Well protected and reproducing.”

The Wildlife Conservation Society Tweeted:

Cross River gorillas are rarely seen or photographed. Extremely shy of humans, they live in most rugged & inaccessible parts of their range. In total, there are only about 300 individuals found in an isolated region along the Nigeria/Cameroon border.”

Because of the sighting, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) says that this has now raised a lot of hope, that the rare Cross River gorillas, are in fact, reproducing.

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