Robotic Taxi Service In Phoenix

Robotic Taxi Service In Phoenix

Robotic taxi service in Phoenix.

Waymo opens its robotic taxi service to the general public in the city of Phoenix.

The Alphabet subsidiary dedicated to autonomous driving, announced the opening, Thursday, October 8, of its Waymo One sales department to residents of Phoenix, Arizona.

Waymo has on offer, robotic taxi service of its company, which will be largely in use in Phoenix, Arizona. This was the announcement made by Alphabet Inc., a subsidiary of  Google. Its self-driving cars, without a driver will now be accessible to the people of the region.

The deployment of the robotic taxi service be gradual, initially limited to a few users, in the coming weeks. Robot taxi rides can be got by all, through the application available on Google Play and the App Store, according to John Krafcik, director of this division.

Since 2017, driverless vehicles, have been tested by Waymo. The company, which uses Chrysler Pacifica, under the Waymo brand, has a fleet of 600 vehicles, of which 300 to 400 are based in the Phoenix area.

Different operating modes will coexist, with some vehicles that will be equipped with a driving safety operator, while other taxis will always be dedicated to experiments.

The Californian company is traditionally seen as the most advanced in the market, both in terms of technology and in the commercialization stage. The Robotic taxi service of Waymo One, meant for public use, needed many months of development, before opening up to people.

This on-demand robot-taxi business platform was first tested with what the company calls “early riders”, Google employees or relatives, who could exclusively test Waymo’s autonomous vehicles and then give their feedback to the company, so as to enable them to improve their service. 

The service, put on hold for a while by the Covid-19, gradually resumed its activities in Arizona and California. So now you can get Robotic taxi service in Phoenix!

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