Senator Malala Arrested For Distributing Sanitizers?

Senator Malala Arrested For Distributing Sanitizers?

Senator Malala arrested for distributing sanitizers?

The word is going around that Kenyan Senator Malala has been arrested for distributing sanitizers.

Here’s what Kenyans are saying about the arrest of Senator Malala


“So now Senator Malala understands why Kirinyaga MCAs slept in the assembly! The Government uses you and then dumps you!!! Malala was used against Kirinyaga people, sasa nimeketi hapa na njugu waiting for the things to unfold.”

Punguza Mizigo:

“I ask DCI_Kenya  to arrest the Covid19 Millionares and not Senators Malala Lelegwa Langat.”


“Senator Ledama Ole Kina- “we have been in Kitengela. What my colleagues are going through is hell. The DCI have drained our colleagues’ car fuel, cut the power and disconnected water. Colonial days are here.”

Sen. Ledama Olekina:

“Instead of arresting covid millionaires they are sending a battalion to arrest Malala for distributing sanitizers to save Kenyans!”


“Mr Speaker You sacrificed me, you sacrificed Susan Kihika, DON’T SACRIFICE KENYA!” You are with Kenya in this Hon Senators.”

Richard Keino:

“Uhuru Kenyatta is characterizing  his  failure through police force.”


“Where was Murkomen when Miguna was being harassed by the same government fake liberation…”


“With the Kenya we have, selling Donated Facemasks, are you guys sure Kenya is still ours or we were sold to China.”


“Just when I am about to pitty Malala I remembered he chaired the Waiguru sanitation! Wacha akule ujeuri Yake.”

Francis Mburu

“Mr President so all you can for the bill to pass we work hard wake up at 3am while someone under a camel want to benefit from where he hasn’t planted.”


“As an Advocate I condemn the mutilation of the Constitution 2010 by the State Machinery. We elected our representatives to pursue our interests and not those of individuals or rather ‘deep state’.”


“Yaani even after sanitizing Malala would still get intimidated by the state?  At the end of it all, you realize you’re just a damn puppet/ page boy & the system works according to its interests!”

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