Serial 1: Harley-Davidson Enters The World Of Electric Bikes

Serial 1: Harley-Davidson Enters The World Of Electric Bikes

Serial 1: Harley-Davidson enters the world of electric bikes.

Like so many other brands, Harley-Davidson is adapting to the times, as it has just shown what its new electric bike, the Serial 1: Harley-Davidson, will be. Its design evokes one of the first motorcycles of the brand, in the early 1900s.

At the moment, the Serial 1 is inspired by the Serial Number One, the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Its retro design is highlighted with cute details such as the leather saddle, the brown strap and the white tires.

Harley-Davidson is also working on other electrical products, such as motorcycles and even scooters. This shift is due to a change in the consumption of its customers, which has been gradually falling in recent years. Traditional motorcycle sales no longer show the numbers they used to, which is clearly forcing the renowned brand to readjust to the times.

Faced with the declining sale of motorcycles, the renowned brand is preparing to offer a bike with a retro design that dates back to the early 1900s… the Serial 1: Harley-Davidson!

For their part, the more technical issues remain a mystery. It can only be deduced from the images, that possibly the battery is integrated into the frame somewhere and that the motor would be located in the area of ​​the pedal axis.

The official presentation of the Serial 1: Harley-Davidson will take place on November 16th, 2020, where the most significant data will be known, such as technical characteristics, price and date of launch in the market.

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