Severe Croatia Earthquake Also Felt In Bavaria

Severe Croatia Earthquake Also Felt In Bavaria

Severe Croatia earthquake also felt in Bavaria.

The earthquake in Croatia was felt even in Bavaria yesterday. And the size of the quake means that many aftershocks can be expected, according to a spokeswoman for the State Office for the Environment in Augsburg. In the severe Croatia earthquake, 7 people were killed.

The center of the severe Croatia earthquake was near the Croatian capital Zagreb. But also in some corners of Upper Bavaria, people still noticed the tremor. A man from Munich describes on a social network, that he felt the earthquake very clearly when he was sitting at his desk. The monitor wobbled and the shutter cords moved.

On Tuesday noon at around 12.20 p.m., a severe earthquake occurred southeast of Zagreb at a depth of about ten kilometers and caused great damage. The centers of the small towns Sisak and Petrinja southeast of Zagreb were in ruins due to the severe Croatia earthquake, as reported by Croatian media. Several people were killed. In Petrinja, for example, falling beams killed a twelve-year-old girl. Seismologists gave the strength at 6.4.

There were similar descriptions a few kilometers further in Fürstenzell, in the district of Passau. A woman reported to the BR that the earth had vibrated slowly here for a long time – so much that cabinets had moved. The quake did not trigger an operation by the Passau police. There were also no calls from concerned citizens, said a spokesman for the Passau police station.

In the Passau area, too, the earth shook at noon. The earthquake seems to have been particularly noticeable in the west of Passau. For example, in the Sperrwies industrial park, a witness reported that a publishing house “wobbled noticeably” for a long time. According to the witness, who described the severe Croatia earthquake as “relatively violent” and “relatively long”.

People from the Rupertiwinkel and Berchtesgadener Land also reported on social networks. Lamps wobbled and pets reacted scared, it is said, for example. The severe Croatia earthquake tremors were said to have been noticeable in Rosenheim as well.

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