Shocking 2020 Technology In Use Around The World!

Shocking 2020 Technology In Use Around The World!

Shocking 2020 technology in use around the world!

If you thought you knew it all about the latest technology 2020, after reading this, you are sure to think again.

In Tamil Nadu, India, you would get to see one of the very latest of the latest 2020 technology in use – and that too – and this may shock you – in a textile showroom!

This textile showroom has mannequins, which have been dressed up in sarees – and these mannequins are not your run of the mill type – they are automated. The mannequins have the capabilities of sensing people around them. When they do, the mannequin walks up to the person, so as to give them a hand sanitizer.

In the Netherlands, game-changing technology 2020, can be seen in use, in what is known as a “smart district” in this place. This so called “smart district” is set on 380 acres and it will be making use of the latest 2020 technology, so as to create a community which is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Sam Taylor says:

“Seen this movie, next they’ll want to shrink themselves so they can consume less of the earths resources in an attempt to save the planet.”

Are you aware that if you have a home garden and you wish to high quality compost for this, you can make use of vermiculture technology?!

Peace Be Tweets:

“Researchers found that linguistic markers can predict depression up to 3 months before the person receives formal diagnosis. Others use technology to explore the way facial expressions, enunciation of words and tone and language could indicate suicide risk.”

Of course, new technology 2020 in computer science, does not only spell good news. There was a multiple day cyber attack on Garmin services – and even high profile user accounts on Twitter were hacked, just a few days ago.

Shocked at the 2020 technology in use today? We were!

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