Should We Now Call It A Novel Coronavirus Global Economy?

Should We Now Call It A Novel Coronavirus Global Economy?

Should we now call it a Novel Coronavirus global economy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has all but destroyed the world and economies are sunk. So, maybe we should now start calling it a Novel Coronavirus global economy?

Just what kind of an effect is the Coronavirus pandemic having on global economies today? Here is what people are saying:


“Started in China..looking to take over the world economy..when people are worried about a instinct knows it’s 5g if they turn it up good heavens help us..”


“If this pandemic hasn’t proven that in the modern world economy a national healthcare system is a necessary part of infrastructure that should serve all, not some market dictated service that is rationed to those who can afford it, then nothing will.”


“Saying the stock market reflects our economy is like the guy in the limo throwing dimes out the window at the homeless people and saying he’s solved poverty. The stock market has never reflected the real world economy.”


“In the US, the short-term virus-related economic downturn is turning into a more enduring recession. More people still losing their jobs each week than at any point during Great Recession. This is bad news, also for other parts of the world economy…”


“It’s absolutely disgraceful that the WHO is fucking up the entire world economy on poor science AND that 1st world leaders are actually listening. I hope everyone in power is voted out (with careers destroyed) at the next election when everyone wakes up.”


“Millions upon millions are about to be jobless, leaving themselves with not only a financial burden but also with a healthcare burden since that shit hinges upon having a job. You do you, but I’m voting for a str8 progressive ticket. R u gonna be able to sleep tight if you don’t?”

Dr. Gene Lingerfelt:

“The economy went along pretty well after the Industrial Revolution until 2020, when something came along never-before-experienced by humankind. A virus. This never-before-experienced phenomenon caused the world economy to stop and converted every government into a police state.”

What say is the name apt – Novel Coronavirus global economy?

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