Slovenian Girl Chops Off Hand

Slovenian Girl Chops Off Hand

Slovenian girl chops off hand!

In Ljubljana, a Slovenian court on Friday sentenced Julija Adlesic, a 22-year-old Slovenian girl, to two years in prison, for deliberately cutting off her hand with a circular saw, so as to file an insurance claim.

The Ljubljana Regional Court said she had agreed with her boyfriend to have her left arm amputated above the wrist, in their home capital in early 2019. She was found guilty of attempting fraud related to insurance.

Ljubljana is not just the capital of Slovenia, but it is also the largest city here.  Ljubljana was first mentioned in the early part of the 12th century. The origin of the city’s name, Ljubljana, is unclear. Ljubljana has been an independent administrative, economic, educational, cultural and political center of Slovenia since 1991.

Each year, more than 10,000 cultural events are held in the city, including art festivals, music festivals and ten theater festivals. The Festival of Ljubljana is one of the oldest festivals in what used to once be Yugoslavia.

The court said, the Slovenian girl had signed contracts with five different insurance companies, about a year earlier. The girl could have got more than a million Euros, about half of which was to be paid immediately and the other half in monthly installments.

The boyfriend of the Slovenian girl got a prison sentence of 3 years in prison and his father got a one year suspended sentence.

The two had taken the Slovenian girl to the hospital, claiming she had injured herself while cutting branches. Authorities say they left the amputated hand behind, instead of bringing it to the hospital, to ensure the disability lasted forever. But the police recovered the hand and it was reconnected.

Prosecutors stated that some days prior to the incident, Adlesic’s colleague sought information on the web, about how artificial hands worked. They said this was further proof that this act was done deliberately.

During the trial, the Slovenian girl declared herself innocent, saying she would not deliberately cut off her hand.

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