Solar System Highway Discovered

Solar System Highway Discovered

Solar System highway discovered.

This Solar System highway network was discovered by a team of researchers from Serbia and the US.

Astronomers discovered a super-high-speed route traveling through the solar system, which could help speed up space travel in the future.

The newly discovered Solar System highway allows objects to travel through space, much faster than previously thought. For example, comets and asteroids can travel from Jupiter to Neptune in less than a decade, through this network. Whereas normally, it takes hundreds of thousands, even millions of years to travel such long distances.

To draw this conclusion, researchers from the University of California San Diego looked at the orbits of millions of celestial bodies in the Solar System and calculated how they are linked and interacted. From there, they discovered space manifolds – interconnected arch structures created by the gravitational interactions of the planets in the Solar System.

The team is looking to determine how such a dome structure works in the vicinity of the Earth. So far, they have only focused on areas outside the asteroid belt after Mars.

According to scientists, the Solar System highway could be used to send spacecraft to remote regions of the solar system and help track and understand objects near Earth that may collide with the planet.

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