SpaceX Astronauts To Go Into Space

SpaceX Astronauts To Go Into Space

SpaceX astronauts to go into space!

SpaceX is sending astronauts into space for the first time today. SpaceX’s first manned flight takes off today at 10:33 p.m.

SpaceX is the first private space company, which will be sending astronauts to the space station ISS. If the Falcon-9 rocket were to take off and dock successfully, it would be an important milestone in the history of SpaceX and US space travel.

Today is a special day for all fans of space travel. The company SpaceX, has planned today at 16:33 local time (22:33 GMT), the first manned flight, in their own company’s history. The Commercial Crew Demo-2 mission is about to be carried out. This would also make SpaceX the first private space company to successfully send astronauts into space. This would mark a milestone in the history of SpaceX, after all the hurdles that the start-up of Tesla founder Elon Musk, had to overcome.

The Falcon-9 rocket is scheduled to send two SpaceX astronauts from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to the ISS, which is operated by Russia and the United States. The experienced American astronauts Robert Behnken (49 years old) and Douglas Hurley (53 years old) will head for the ISS in the Dragon capsule. The flight time to the ISS should be just under 19 hours. At the moment, it is still questionable whether the weather will allow a flight today. The first alternative date would be Saturday, May 30th

The first manned flight by SpaceX is not only of special significance for Elon Musk’s company, but also for the USA and the national space agency NASA. If the trip to the ISS is successful, it could end NASA’s dependence on Russia. Since nine years, NASA has used Russian Soyuz rockets.

SpaceX and Boeing have been working separately on new rockets for ten years. The presence of Donald Trump at the Kennedy Space Center shows how important this flight is for the US and the national space program.

All eyes are on SpaceX astronauts.

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