SpaceX Prevented From Launching Starship Prototype

SpaceX Prevented From Launching Starship Prototype

SpaceX prevented from launching Starship prototype.

SpaceX is prevented from launching a Starship prototype by the US government.

The last week had great expectations for the possible realization of the first flight test of the SN9 prototype, of the Starship vehicle, which should have occurred at the end of the week. However, the days passed and the procedure was not performed. That’s because SpaceX has been going through a bureaucratic conflict with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the agency responsible for regulating flights in the USA, to obtain the necessary license to launch the SN9.

With the airspace restrictions in Boca Chica, Texas, it was expected that the prototype’s flight would be made last Thursday, but nothing happened. Then, expectations remained for the flight to take place on Friday, but nothing changed. In the end, the test was not done because the FAA did not grant final approval for the launch, as the agency is responsible for ensuring the safety of residents and their properties in the region and SpaceX needs prior authorization from the entity to launch its spacecraft.

To do this, officers must be shown that the spacecraft is ready to fly and that an area large and safe enough has been established not to put residents and their property at risk. Previously, SpaceX obtained the necessary license to launch its SN8 prototype – and that is where the problem lies, preventing the SN9 launch.

The SN8 flight test was considered a success, even ending with a prototype explosion . But, according to sources familiar with the incident, this event ended up violating the terms of the license granted, even though the entity’s representatives have not confirmed what those terms are. Then, with the explosion and breach of license terms, the FAA started a formal investigation.

Which resulted in SpaceX being prevented from launching their Starship prototype.

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