Sports In The COVID-19 Pandemic Is A Killer!

Sports In The COVID-19 Pandemic Is A Killer!

Sports in the COVID-19 pandemic is a killer!

Sporting communities all over the globe have been so anxious to restart sporting activities all around the world. But, now that they have started playing all kinds of sports, all across the planet, there can be only one thing that can be said – sports in the COVID-19 pandemic is a killer!

Literally so!

Kanakuk Kamps, a summer camp in Missouri, had to shut down after 82 kids and their staff, were infected with the deadly Coronavirus disease.

Ozzy Mo Tweets:

“Yeah and this is small scale. What do we think is going to happen in 5-7 weeks when schools open? Trump doesn’t care about our children our our health just his re-election”

Parents of the kids who had gone to Kanakuk Kamps, were sent an email by the Health Services Director of the camp, Rebecca Duncan, informing them that their kids could may have been exposed to the New Coronavirus.

The email said:

“As your Kamper returns home, we recommend that you consider a 14-day self-quarantine for your child and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.”

Mary Tyler Morgenstern Tweets:

“Gosh, what a kyoot kamp name.  I wonder if they’re spelling it “Koronavirus”.

In the Women’s Super League clubs, 802 Coronavirus tests were carried out. One of which, turned out to be positive.

Yasiel Puig of the Braves tested positive for Coronavirus.

Michael Beasley of the Nets tested positive for the New Coronavirus.

Rgallo Tweets:

“the NBA has lost it, it took them a month after agreement to start camp and I’m that month Florida now has the highest cases and that where they are playing why did they wait this long to start”

Indeed, there can be not a shred of doubt about it that sports in the COVID-19 pandemic is a killer!

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