Sports Stars Who Succumbed To Novel Coronavirus

Sports Stars Who Succumbed To Novel Coronavirus

Sports stars who succumbed to Novel Coronavirus!

Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, a number of famous sports personalities have died because of the killer Coronavirus. Here are some of the sports stars who were killed because of the deadly Novel Coronavirus

  • American Football player, Dick Lucas (86), passed away on April 29.
  • Japanese karate master, Teruyuki Okazaki (88), passed away on April 21.
  • British footballer, Dave Bacuzzi (79), passed away on April 21.
  • Brazil footballer, Celio Taveira (79), passed away on May 29.
  • Pakistani cricketer, Riaz Sheikh (51), passed away on June 4.
  • American Football player, Roy Lester (96), passed away on May 3.

James Cunningham, Toronto Wolfpack, said:

“Day 7 of self isolation! Living alone is hard work.. cabin fever. Completed Netflix and amazon prime.. completed solitaire.. still coughing like a motherfudger and now completely lost all sense of smell and taste.. anyone else suffering with these symptoms?” 

Some more sports stars who died because of the killer Novel Coronavirus

  • Japanese sumo wrestler, Shobushi (28), passed away on May 13.
  • Brazilian water polo player, Fernando Sandoval (77), passed away on May 1.
  • Dutch footballer, Henk Overgoor (75), passed away on April 23.
  • English footballer, John Rowlands (73), passed away on April 26.
  • American ice hockey player, Jim Cross (83), passed away on May 2.
  • English footballer, John Ogilvie (91), passed away on May 2

Lizzie Deignan, former world road race cycling champion says:

“Struggling for the right words to say. Feeling a bit helpless and anxious. I am used to being team mates with people from all over the world, something I love most about cycling. It has occurred to me that every person in the world right now is my team mate, because every single person can make a difference in this fight. We are all in this together.”

Many other sports personalities have died because of the killer Novel Coronavirus.

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