Stock Markets Rebound Momentum Again

Stock Markets Rebound Momentum Again

Stock markets rebound momentum again!

In the European market, global market risk sentiment was high. European and American stock markets continued their previous rebound momentum. The major European stock indexes opened higher and US stock index futures also rose in full.

In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar was still under pressure as a whole, hovering around 93.70, the euro (1.1738, -0.0025, -0.21%), the British pound (1.2917, 0.0009, 0.07% ) and other G10 currencies fluctuated within a narrow range; spot gold was trading at around 1890.

All in line with the stock markets rebound momentum again!

Analysts point out that the current focus of the market is only on the US fiscal stimulus plan. Comprehensive media previously reported that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Pelosi and Treasury Secretary, Mnuchin, restarted negotiations on the fiscal stimulus package.

On Thursday, local time, the two sides will continue negotiations. In addition, investors are also concerned about the health of US President Trump. Any relevant latest news may cause severe market volatility

In addition, regarding the US fiscal stimulus bill, FX168 previously reported that Trump announced on Tuesday to suspend fiscal stimulus negotiations and later stated that the House of Representatives and the Senate should immediately approve US$25 billion for aviation industry salary rescue. 100 million U.S. dollars is spent on salary protection programs for small businesses.

On Wednesday morning local time, US House Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin resumed negotiations on the fiscal stimulus package.

U.S. Treasury Department spokesperson Drew Hammill said that Pelosi and Mnuchin communicated again on Wednesday night and agreed to continue negotiations on Thursday. Analysts believe that the resumption of negotiations on the US fiscal stimulus plan will undoubtedly boost market risk sentiment, which in turn promotes a rebound in stocks and other assets.

The current negotiations are restarted and the comprehensive stimulus package seems to have been shelved. The focus of the negotiations is on the rescue package for the massive layoffs in the aviation industry. Last week, a salary subsidy program for airline employees expired and airlines said they were unable to retain employees without government support.

Some analysts say that, as far as the current situation is concerned, the US fiscal stimulus package has reached a deadlock. Right now, the high market risk sentiment is still being stimulated by the news about the resumption of the US fiscal stimulus bill negotiations.

European and American stock markets rose in the European market on Thursday. As of press time, the major European stock indexes have increased by more than or close to 0.6%. Stock index futures also all rose, the Dow futures rose 0.5%.

But for now, it is stock markets rebound momentum again!

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