Substandard  Vitamin B Sold By China

Substandard Vitamin B Sold By China

Substandard vitamin B sold by China.

A batch of injectable vitamin B – manufactured by Zhangjiakou Kaiwei pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (China), was recalled nationwide in Vietnam. The drug samples did not meet quality standards for criteria of Quantitative Vitamins B1, B6, B5, according to establishment standards and violated level 2.

The Drug Administration of Vietnam sent an official dispatch to the Health Department of the provinces and centrally-run cities, regarding the recall of B – COMEN injectable batches, level 2 violation.

Injectable B – COMENE, supports the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by vitamin B deficiency, such as Beriberi disease, glossitis, Pellagra’s disease and mouth sores. It is also used for pregnant women and lactating mothers, to supplement vitamins due to the high need for vitamin supplements during this period, in case of not being able to use orally. Vitamin B is also used to support treatment of liver diseases, neuritis and polyneuritis.

The Vietnamese Department of Health of centrally-affiliated cities and provinces, notified traders and users of drugs, in Vietnam and they were asked to recall the above-said batch of vitamin B that did not meet the above-mentioned quality.

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